Tanya’s 1st Blog

Welcome Friends!

This is a very exciting day as this is my first time writing on my blog. I want to welcome you to my website and to ask you to please come back and visit often.

I want my website and blog to inspire people in their lives by sharing my life experiences.

When I made my entrance into the world I was born with Down syndrome. What this means is I have 3 copies of the 21st chromosome.

*Down syndrome commonly results in an effect on learning style, although the differences are highly variable and individualistic, just as in the physical characteristics or health concerns. The most significant challenge is to find the most effective, productive methods of teaching each individual. The identification of the best methods of teaching each particular child ideally begins soon after birth, through early intervention programs.

Position Statement on Redefining Down Syndrome
, Canadian Down Syndrome Society, Approved November 2003

The way that I like to look at it is that I was born with Designers Genes and my sister has to buy them!

I feel that I have had an interesting life full of happiness and some challenges. Which does not make me much different than anyone else.  Something I know that connects all of us is that we are all given special talents and gifts. One of my gifts is that I have been given the ability to have a voice and to be an advocate on behalf of people born with Down syndrome. Life is not all about me but through my experiences I can lead the way for others and to help my friends be who they are meant to be.

My reward for being an advocate is knowing that I have done something to help others. It makes me feel that I have something to offer to our community.

As I get older and understand life a bit more I realize that people with disabilities are not that different from everyone else in this world. We are unique! We all need to be loved, cared about, and understood and to know that we have good people in our corner. This contributes to our well-being.

Thank you again for visiting my site. I hope that you will come back often and feel inspired and happy about life.


Be Inspired,