My Thoughts on Travel

Hi Friends,

Looking outside and seeing the sunshine makes me think about many memories that I have of travelling. Edmonton is lovely in the spring, summer and fall but the winter makes me feel blah!

I feel very lucky that I was able to go to Honolulu with my mum and sister this year. It is beautiful and warm. When I spend time there my favourite thing to do is hang out by the pool, have a cute guy bring me drinks and then walk to Yogurtland.  Those are the best days!

Another thing I love to do there is see my friends who live on the island. It is a wonderful thing to be able to have friends in different parts of the world.  My Hawaiian friends are doing some wonderful work on behalf of people with Down syndrome.  As a family we have been able to help them and the families they support.  I have been able to show people that their child with Down syndrome will grow up to have hopes, dreams and goals.

I have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit. Some of my favourites places have been Scottsdale, Grand Cayman (not during Hurricane season), and to visit family in British Columbia.

As much as I like to travel I feel that it can throw off my routine. What this has taught me is that when I am away, if I need something, that I need to speak up for myself. This way people can understand me a little better.

One day I really hope to visit Jamaica because that is where “Cool Running’s” was filmed, Greece and Italy. Hopefully, if I get the chance to visit these places I can spread my message of hope for people with developmental disabilities.

Be Inspired,