You will often hear me talk about the people in my life. My family and my friends who have helped me on my life path. The important people who have taken the time to show me that I can accomplish many things. The people who have made sure I understand that I am capable  and  never put a ‘dis’ before the ability.

Growing up in my house meant that when I accomplished something, big or small, it was celebrated. But it also meant that if I was having a bad day or couldn’t quite figure something out, I was not allowed to sit around and feel sorry for myself. I had to keep going. This could be frustrating sometimes. Now that I am older I think I get it. I understand that by not letting me quit I was able to realize my abilities.

As an adult, I know that I am a capable woman who still wants to grow and learn. I feel grateful that I can learn and that I have people to support me in this. I wonder about the people who live in our world who might not be able to see their capabilities or maybe they don’t have anyone to support them. This makes me sad. We all need a support system. People who can show us things about ourselves. We have been given abilities and different gifts. Sometimes we just need a little help.

Be inspired,