Being Grateful


With Thanksgiving not too far away, I have been thinking about what I am grateful for. The thing I am most grateful for is my very special family. They are amazing, beautiful people.  Nothing could ever take the place of family. When we are together during the different holidays, there is comfort in being together. There is warmth and laughter. The house is filled with lovely smells and happy noise of people who love each other.

Thanksgiving is also a time that I think of the people in my family who have passed away. While there are so many happy memories, I do feel a little bit sad. Especially when remembering my dad. I miss him very much. Even though he isn’t here, I know he is in my heart.

This coming weekend is a wonderful time to be with the people you love and to tell them that you are grateful that they are in your life.

Wishing everyone many Thanksgiving blessings and hearts full of love.

Be inspired,



Experiencing Surgery

Life is full of experiences. Some are fun and joyful, some I am not so sure about. Last year I went through a new experience that was scary and at times painful. I had to have surgery! It was discovered that I was missing a bone in my left foot and to make sure that my big toe stayed straight, I needed a metal plate and 5 screws implanted. The operation was explained to me ahead of time but I was still nervous. My mum, family friends and I took a road trip to Camrose where I was having my surgery. That part was fun! My sister stayed in Edmonton so she could be my nurse when I got back. The staff at the hospital were very kind to me. We talked alot before they gave me some medicine to make me sleep. I even got to pick the smell that would come through the oxygen mask. Bubblegum seemed like a good choice. When I woke up in the recovery room the nurses were very gentle and talked to me softly. They had me bundled up and even my head was wrapped up. My mum says I looked like a boxer. Wow, was my foot swollen. I was very concerned that it was going to look like this for the rest of my life. Quite a few people made sure I understood that my foot would look normal again.

Now came the hard part, my recovery. I had to stay off my foot for 8 weeks. The first week after my surgery was not fun. I was in pain and had sensations in my foot. Once I started to feel a bit better, I was able to use a special scooter for people who have to stay off a foot or leg for a period of time. This was a good thing. I allowed me to have my independence and move around. I had some crutches too, but they hurt my armpits. When my doctor looked at my foot many weeks after the surgery, he said that I was a great patient. I guess that means I am good at following doctor’s orders.  This experience was not one of my favorites but I learned something. I learned that the body is a pretty amazing at healing and that I was able to work through the pain and frustration. Now a year later, I have a beautiful foot and I am ready to dance!

Be inspired,


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