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Happy New Year

I can’t believe 2018 is over! Happy New Year everyone. I have been thinking back on 2018. I feel like I have accomplished many things this year. Looking at life and participating in it is something I keep doing. I enjoy the arts and am grateful for being able to attending performing arts performances in […]

Merry Christmas

All things happy and bright, enjoy the Christmas Holiday’s ! I enjoy celebrating Christmas season with the people that I love and share with them hope, peace and love in a sometimes messy world. I came up with this theme of bright because it makes people think of colours and lights. We all need to […]


I mentioned in my blog a few weeks ago that Fall means getting back to routine. Part of that is meal planning and making healthy meals at home. Eating clean is important to me. It helps keeps me healthy and contributes to my fitness goals. We still go to the market as a family on […]

Back To Routine

Wow, I can’t believe summer is over. I feel like now is the time to get back to routine. For the rest of 2018, I would like to continue with my routine of work, health, and fitness. There are other things that I would like to do, as well.  I want to continue to learn […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Friends! I have made a list of things I would like to do, see, and accomplish in 2018. Here are a few: Continue to keep calm in life Travel to a tropical paradise Celebrate life Enjoy the arts Be happy and enjoy myself Exercise, eat well and get rest I look forward […]

Being Grateful

With Thanksgiving not too far away, I have been thinking about what I am grateful for. The thing I am most grateful for is my very special family. They are amazing, beautiful people.  Nothing could ever take the place of family. When we are together during the different holidays, there is comfort in being together. […]

Experiencing Surgery

Life is full of experiences. Some are fun and joyful, some I am not so sure about. Last year I went through a new experience that was scary and at times painful. I had to have surgery! It was discovered that I was missing a bone in my left foot and to make sure that […]

Be Fit, Be Healthy, Push Hard, Work Hard

At the beginning of the year I thought to myself that I needed a motto for 2017. I thought about the things that are important to my life and the saying that have been repeated to me over and over again, like a broken record. I came up with Be Fit, Be Healthy, Push Hard, Work […]


You will often hear me talk about the people in my life. My family and my friends who have helped me on my life path. The important people who have taken the time to show me that I can accomplish many things. The people who have made sure I understand that I am capable  and […]

2017 & Looking Back

Have you ever been involved in something and looked back and felt proud of yourself? In 2016 , I celebrated my 10 year anniversary of being a advocate and motivational speaker. In this role I have has so many wonderful opportunities. Traveling to new places and making new friends have been the best part of […]