Humour is very important. In my life and in our house, we use humour a lot. Especially when it come to my learning.

A number of years ago my mom asked me “why don’t you look people in their eyes”. I told her that “eyes look like olives and they are disgusting”. A few weeks later we we had a big family dinner. When I sat down everyone had their head down and would not look up. I thought this was odd. Finally I asked “What’s going on?”. All at once everyone looked up and had an animal nose on. I was told that I had to look each person in their eyes. By using humour, I now have a much easier time looking people in their olives, I mean eyes!

I enjoy many different styles of humour. Slapstick and dry humour are my favourite. I am not a big fan of pranks that could hurt or embarrass someone. That is awful. Laughing at myself or at the people I love can be a pretty good fun because from time to time we all get too serious.

Our world can be stressful. I ask all of you to please take time to laugh. It is the best medicine!

Be Inspired,


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