Letting It Go


When I watch a movie I try to find the lesson. Many Disney movies can teach us about life. The Lion King is full of lessons to learn.

A big one for me is getting stuck on the past. Sometimes I have a hard time letting things go. I have to remind myself the past is the past. I can learn from it but need to move on. There are days that I can move past these feelings all on my own, I am a problem solver.  Then there are times where I need help. Getting how I am feeling off my chest is a good thing. My feelings then become less overwhelming. Sometimes the people I trust have ideas about how I can move forward. This is a good thing.

This year I am going to continue to be aware of when I might be getting stuck on something that is behind me. I will work on turning it around just a little bit faster and if I can’t, thats ok too.

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