On The Road Again

Summer has been very busy and interesting.
A few weeks ago I travelled to Indianapolis, Indiana to attend the National Down Syndrome Conference. If you are a sports fan you already know Indianapolis is famous for the  Indy 500 Car Race. This year is the 98th running of the race. On the conference floor they had a car which we sit in for fun and pictures. I am happy that they didn’t start the car – too much noise!

On our way to the conference we had a delayed flight out of Toronto. When we arrived in New York we had to rush to catch our next plane. I do not walk very quickly so my Mum explained that I needed to ride in a wheelchair to get to the next terminal. WOW that was embarrassing!! Mothers! My mum always has a plan! We did make the flight…barely.

The weekend was all about families and friendship while learning new idea’s. My American friends and I spent time catching up on what we are busy with in our home towns. There was lots of time for fun,  laughter, eating, and course dancing.

Part of the conference is a film festival. We viewed many new  films staring actors born with Down Syndrome. My favourite was, Produce: Where Hope  Grows. This movie tells a story of how a young man working in a grocery store helps a stranger turned friend how to deal with the struggles of his life. Everyone should see this movie. Next year they should think about giving everyone Kleenex. This was a wonderful and real story line.

Friends are so important to me even if I only see them in person once a year. I know I am blessed to have such good friends. Smile and think of all the amazing people in your corner.

Be Inspired,


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