The Next Happy

My friend Sydney and I had a wonderful discussion after I read the book “The Next Happy”. We wrote this blog together.

“Let go of the life you planned and find a new way forward”.

“The next happy is like the friend you call when your car is stuck in a ditch on a journey you never expected to take. From the moment you begin to open up, you begin to feel unstuck, and by the end you will find yourself moving forward in the right direction”.

I felt joy by reading this book. Learning is important to me. Sometimes I don’t understand all of the ideas and concepts that are in the books I read. This is ok because I have many people around me that are able to help me understand. I enjoy these discussions.

This book taught me that we can get stuck in life and sometimes we cannot get to the exact place we want to be. This can be frustrating and disappointing. Sometimes we have to have these feelings to grow. All we can do is our best.

I challenge all of you to get up everyday and be your best! Even if you have a hard day you will know in your heart you gave it your all!

Be inspired,


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